Corkcicle Classic Stemless Wine Cup
Sugarfina Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
Trois Quarts d’Once Tonic Syrup
Viski Belmont Silver Jigger
Keepsake box and Personalized note

Send over this perfect kit for a virtual get together, you have everything you need ! Original and unique, this high-end product will enhance your parties, please your guests or even be the perfect host gift. Made from natural ingredients, it stands out from other commercial tonic water with its subtle aromas, less sweet taste, its pronounced touch of bitterness, and its amber colour.

Quinine is extracted from cinchona bark and is the active ingredient of tonic water that gives it its distinctive bitter taste. The cinchona bark’s natural pigmentation is what gives the tonic syrup its distinctive amber colour.

Each Société box is hand packed and shipped out as a gift, with a personalized note and no pricing information. Orders take 4-7 business days to deliver, after which you’ll receive an email with tracking information. Hand delivery is available on the greater island of Montreal